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Yuzu Fruit Health Benefits

The Yuzu was brought to Japan by way of the Korean peninsula. Yuzu is not only for eating or for cooking. In Japan, it is use in preparation for a special hot bath. Traditionally, a hot Yuzu bath is taken on the winter solstice day.


It has a long tradition and believed to ward off winter colds and flu, and healing of chapped skin.


The hot water helps to release a pleasant aroma from the Yuzu fruit. The fruit is very similar to grapefruit with an uneven skin.


It’s one of the most important fruit in Asia that ranges between 5.5 and 7.5 cm in diameter.


It tastes like a cross between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit and is finally being accepted into Western cuisine, where it is being used to flavour everything from beer and chewing gum to vinegar and cocktails.


It is widely stocked in Asian food shops and is expected to hit supermarket shelves early next year.


Its oil is beneficial too, Yuzu gently centers and softens the body and helps us to be present.


It connects and opens the right brain unlike lemon which has more of an effect on the left brain.


This allows us to be more in touch with our creative side. It releases the emotions of unimportant, insignificant and worthless; and helps us to respect and value ourselves on a deeper emotional level.  


This will help those with addiction to drugs and those that have been abused verbally.


It will help people find their own identity and therefore will also help with those who have cancer.


In ancient times, Yuzu seed were used as a natural medicine to treat skin irritations, and itchiness.


People preserved the seeds with Shochu or Sake. Today, it is use to create natural cosmetics for skin toning.

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