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Yacon Vegetable Health Benefits

Yacon root is native to South America, where locals eat it raw like a fruit. It contains a mixture of naturally occurring sugars, about 1 to 4 grams per 100-gram serving of fresh root, according to the International Potato Center in Peru.


A member of the sunflower family, at first glance, this perennial root looks like an elongated potato.


Upon further inspection, however, you’ll find that yacon has a slightly sweet taste.


Yacon syrup and powder is commonly marketed as a low-calorie sweetener and alternative to table sugar.


Fresh yacon has a slightly sweet taste and a crunchy texture similar to that of an apple, while its flavour is close to that of watermelon.


South Americans eat the tubers, which can range from yellow to purple, as a fruit, with lemon juice and honey, or they add it to fruit salad.


You can also stir-fry, roast or bake yacon as a vegetable. Use yacon leaves, also high in inulin, to wrap other foods as you would cabbage or grape leaves, or brew them to make an herbal tea.


Used as a food and natural sweetener, yacon root’s potential health benefits have led to its use as a dietary supplement as well.


Yacon root has beneficial effects for overweight people and for those with high cholesterol or those struggling with digestive conditions.


Research has shown that consuming yacon results in a general lowering of fasting triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein levels.


In other words, the fructooligosaccharides that compose yacon help to lower lipid levels and prevent the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol.


This aids in the prevention of a wide variety of heart concerns, including coronary heart disease.


The liver is the source of glucose in our body, so it makes sense that regulation of glucose through eating yacon would affect our livers in some way.


In fact, studies have shown that proper amounts of yacon prevent fat accumulation in the liver and maintain proper liver health and function.

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