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Wasabi Health Benefits

Wasabi is oftentimes served as a green paste that goes along with sushi, sashimi and other raw fish dishes and is made from a ground up root of a vegetable.


Although wasabi is actually known for causing inflammation in your nasal passageways which then leads in some cases to later congestion, wasabi paste as a whole is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Outside of your nose, mouth and related systems, wasabi can help to eliminate inflammation through other parts of your body.


This will provide your body with a number of potential benefits and will make your infections, sores, injuries and other similar conditions which may bring about inflammation into less serious problems.


It is a member of the Brassicaceae family. Other well known brassica’s are cabbage, broccoli, mustard, horseradish and watercress.


Every part of the wasabi plant is used to promote health and well-being. Its leaves and stems are ground into antibacterial medicines, which aid in the treatment of respiratory problems like a cough, cold or sinus pressure.


The wasabi can also be used to treat diarrhoea, stimulate the appetite and remove toxins from the body.


Wasabi is well-known for its strong antioxidant and digestive stimulant properties and can be used to promote overall wellness and not just the treatment of illnesses and disease symptoms.


Wasabi can be a strong line of defence against certain respiratory tract pathogens.


The gaseous component of wasabi, which causes such a powerful reaction in the nasal passages and sinuses, is actually the gaseous release of allyl isothiocyanate, which can actively inhibit the proliferation of respiratory tract pathogens like those that cause influenza and pneumonia.


The smell and the sensation in your nose after eating wasabi may be strong, but it can do a lot of good for your health and well being.


The pungent plant, wasabi, has also been shown to reduce cases of joint swelling, inflammation, and can even subdue the effects of arthritis.


Again, the powerful antioxidant isothiocyanate compounds have been shown to reduce the inflammation of joints, ligaments, and muscles that may contribute to arthritis and joint pain.

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