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Ugli Health Benefits

Ugli is a bushy tree which grows up to 15-20 feet in height and is available in between November and April and is a very good source of vitamins and minerals. The ugli fruit is a member of the citrus family, and despite its name, the fruit has an attractive interior with a sweet flavour.


Ugli fruit is a cross between a grapefruit, a Seville orange and a tangerine. It contains nutrients like fiber, vitamins and calcium which are very essential for the body. This amazing fruit is a refreshing choice which can be consumed on a daily basis.


This fabulous fruit reduces the risk for other diseases such as cancer, stroke, hypertension and even muscle related problems.


This fruit is also recommended for skin and heart related diseases. As this fruit is low in calories, it helps to prevent obesity as well. This exotic fruit acts as an antioxidant and help the body to destroy free radicals.


The high vitamin C content in a serving of ugli fruit is another health benefit. A serving of ugli fruit contains 70 percent of the 75 to 90 milligrams of vitamin C you need each day.


Vitamin C helps keep your immune system strong and acts an antioxidant to destroy free radicals, harmful substances that cause inflammation and tissue damage throughout your body.


Over time, this damage can lead to chronic health problems such as cancer.


Vitamin C is also essential for the formation of collagen, the connective tissue in your gums, muscles, skin and tissues.


It can be eaten like a grapefruit by cutting it in half or it can be peeled and eaten like a tangerine. Because is it seedless it would be good sliced and put into fruit salads or a jello mold for some added flavour.


The ugli fruit can also be squeezed and drank as a juice. Or the juice can be added to different recipes such as ice creams and souffles. Being rich in Vitamin B, this fruit also promotes good oral health.


This fruit is also recommended for skin and heart related diseases.

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