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Turnip vegetables

Turnips are very low calorie root vegetables; contains only 28 calories per 100 g. However, they are very good source of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.


In addition, its top greens are also a very good source of B-complex group of vitamins such as folates, riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and thiamine.


This root vegetable usually sold bunched or topped. In the markets look for fresh roots that are small, firm, round and impart delicate sweet flavour.


The inner flesh of this vegetable is white in colour with tinges of purple to pink to red whereas the skin colour of the root bulb depends on the amount of sunlight it receives and is usually white.


These vegetables are generally conical in shape but sometimes they can also be round shaped.


Turnips are an important source of calcium and potassium which are vital for healthy bone growth and maintenance.


Regular consumption of turnip inhibits joint damage, risk of osteoporosis and the incidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis.


It is also an excellent source of calcium, a mineral that supports the body’s production of connective tissues.


Turnips are low in calories and hence, can form part of an effective weight loss program. Their high fiber content on the other hand regulates metabolism, controls body weight and supports a healthy and active colon.


Turnip sprouts provide high levels of glucosinolates, sulfur-containing compounds that may help protect against some forms of cancer and provide antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic benefits.


Turnips and other root vegetables are rich in vitamin C, an important antioxidant that can optimize your immune system and help your body absorb iron.


Each cup of cooked turnip gives you 18 grams of vitamin C, about 30 percent of your recommended daily intake.


The same serving size of the root of rutabaga, a close cousin of the turnip, provides you with 50 percent of the vitamin C you need each day.

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