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Tava Tea

Tea is very common and is drunk daily by many people; tea also offers many benefits for our well being. Tava tea is good for this reason, tava tea can help you with your weight loss efforts as it can boost your metabolic rate, but this is not the only benefit as drinking this tea also offers numerous health benefits too.


This weight loss tea is safe to use yet offers a variety of health benefits.


Tava Tea is a unique blend of 3 different organically grown teas, Sencha, Oolong and Pu-erh, all of which have been used in China for centuries.


These teas exert powerful healing effects but most importantly offer real help with your weight loss efforts in a convenient and natural way.


Studies have shown that regular use of Oolong tea helps to enhance fat metabolism, which obviously helps to control weight gain.


Antioxidants in tava tea defend your body against what are known as “free radicals”.


These damage your body and speed up the aging process. They have been linked to causing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and various other degenerative diseases.


Drinking tea is linked with a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. When considered with other factors like smoking, physical activity, age and body mass index, regular tea drinking was associated with a lowered risk of Parkinson’s disease in both men and women.


Tea could be beneficial to people with Type 2 diabetes. Studies suggest that compounds in green tea could help diabetics better process sugars.


Drinking tea may help keep your arteries smooth and clog-free, the same way a drain keeps your bathroom pipes clear.


A 5.6-year study from the Netherlands found a 70 percent lower risk of fatal heart attack in people who drank at least two to three cups of black tea daily compared to non-tea drinkers.

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