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Tangerine Health Benefits

Tangerine fruit trees are smaller in size as compared to orange trees and the fruit has a deep orange colour with a flat shape. It can be peeled easily and is a fibrous fruit nutrient-wise. The fruit is known for its fresh and citrus taste with its low calorie and high nutrient content.


The vitamin content in the fruit is the best in its class. Tangerines are also a rich source of vitamin C, folate and beta-carotene.


Tangerine consists of fibers like pectin and hemi-cellulose that restrict the absorption of cholesterol in the gut which cuts the risk of obesity.


Tangerine is a good source of vitamin A. If you are suffering from any skin diseases, such as acne, pimple, you are encouraged to have plenty of vitamin A and apply products that are derivatives of the vitamin. Hence tangerine can be a good option for treating these skin problems.


When it comes to healing wounds and other damages to the skin, vitamin A is essential for these, since it helps the skin rebuild tissues.


Also known as mandarin oranges, tangerines are loaded with compounds called flavonoids, which boast certain anticancer properties.


The flavonoids in tangerines have been shown to prevent the growth of cancerous cells and stop the proliferation of tumours. Vitamin C in this fruit helps synthesize collagen, a protein your body needs to maintain strong skin and bones.


It also contributes to healthy teeth, promotes efficient wound healing and acts as an antioxidant to prevent genetic mutations.


The dietary fiber in this fruit also improves digestion that is good for the overall working of the body.


Also a number of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases can be prevented with proper consumption of tangerines and other orange varieties.


Tangerine fruit has been used quite frequently in medical treatments as they fight effectively against skin diseases and arthritis.

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