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Tabasco Pepper Health Benefits

Tabasco peppers start out green and as they ripen, turn orange and then red. It takes approximately 80 days after germinating for them to become fully mature.


The Tabasco plant can grow to 60″ tall, with a cream or light yellow flower that will develop into upward oriented fruits later in the growing season.


Tabasco Sauce is the juice of mashed Tabasco peppers, combined with vinegar and salt, aged in wooden casks for three years.


Those peppers, like all chillies, are the fruit of a “capsicum” plant. Cayenne pepper is the key heat component in Tabasco sauce, and it’s known to boost metabolism which can aid in weight loss.


Spicy peppers also have capsaicin in them, which is an anti-inflammatory. Capsaicin can aid in the pain caused by inflamed joints and arthritic conditions.


Tabasco sauce is a condiment known around the world. It’s a spicy pepper-based sauce that goes well with a variety of foods.


Tabasco sauce contains zero calories and zero grams of fat. The sauce doesn’t supply essential nutrients, such as protein, fiber, vitamin C, calcium or iron, but its lack of calories or fat means it can have a valuable place in your healthy eating plan.


The green jalapeno flavour supplies 6 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.


In cultures where people enjoy lots of food laced with spicy flavour, there is a lower incidence of heart attacks.


Could capsaicin be the heart-helping ingredient? Researchers once thought that capsaicin would send blood pressure sky-high, but the opposite could be true.


As mentioned above, capsaicin can be a shock to your system at first, but over time, you can get used to it.


Evidence is preliminary, but there’s a possibility that capsaicin could be used as a treatment to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


Eating meals with capsaicin-rich peppers may also help to regulate blood sugar levels and lower the risk of diabetes.


It makes healthy dishes extra delicious. Add hot sauce to fish, eggs, salad dressings or barbecue sauce to add bonus flavour, minus the calories.

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