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Squill Herb Health Benefits

Squill is a bulb-forming herbaceous perennial plant in the hyacinth family that grows along the sandy coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Squill is found in remedies used to treat various lung diseases.


Tonics are prepared for persons suffering with asthma, chronic bronchitis and those with whooping cough.


The addition of squill to the body stimulates the production of phlegm, thinning the thickened mucus found in the patient’s airways and allowing it to be expelled more easily.


Squill extract’s affect on the heart is both slowing the beats per minute and increasing the force of each individual beat.


It has been found to take effect faster than that of Digitalis extract, which is more commonly used and is more readily absorbed.


Although white squill and its extracts have the potential to induce life-threatening cardiac effects in relatively low doses, they generally have not been associated with human toxicity.


Vomiting often is induced as a reflex in cases of over dosage, minimizing the absorbed dose.


As a diuretic, it is frequently employed in dropsy, whether due to chronic disease of the kidneys or to the renal congestion consequent to chronic cardiac disease.


Squill is not employed, however, when the kidneys are acutely inflamed. In the treatment of cardiac dropsy, Squill is frequently combined with digitalis.


Squill stimulates the bronchial mucous membrane and is given in bronchitis after subsidence of the acute inflammation.


It is generally used in combination with other stimulating expectorants, its effects being thereby increased, and is considered most useful in chronic bronchitis, catarrhal affections and asthma.


Squill is widely available in many different forms. Squill extract is used to create tonics.


Many cough remedies contain squill. Some squill cough remedies were first made by Pythogoras in ancient Greece, and are still available today. Squill supplements are available in both capsules and in tablet forms.

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