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Shallots Health Benefits

Shallots are cool season perennials; however, they have grown as annual crop like onions. The easiest way to grow them is from sets, usually available from nearby garden centers. Shallots have better nutrition profile than onions.

On weight per weight basis, they have more anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins than onions. Shallots help in a healthy digestion. Due to its dietary fiber content, it absorbs water and fills your stomach after a meal.


It slowly releases sugar in your bloodstream and helps soften the stool, thus preventing constipation. It is also useful in reducing the blood cholesterol levels, preventing many heart diseases.


Shallots contain very less amount of calories and loads of nutrients. Calories in a shallot depend on its cooking procedure. 


If you’re on a diet, you can add shallots to bland foods and enjoy the delicious flavour without piling on calories. 2 tbsp shallots provide just 14 calories. There are 19 calories present in 100 grams of boiled shallots.


Shallots are found effective in curing and treating intestinal worms in the stomach. Shallot juice helps clear thread worms that occur in children. Grind some shallots to make a juice and drink every morning on an empty stomach.


Shallots are the richest source of vitamin A that is required for your good health. Vitamin A (an antioxidant) helps protect you from the harmful free radical damage.


They can also be useful in maintaining membranes, prevent infections, lead to good eye health, promote healthy immune system, and for proper growth and development. Shallots contain iron, a nutrient your red blood cells need to function.


Healthy red blood cells contain ample amounts of haemoglobin, the protein that allows them to efficiently transport oxygen from your lungs to your other tissues. Consuming iron helps your body produce enough haemoglobin to support red blood cell function.


Iron also plays a role in your metabolism, facilitates brain function and keeps your tissues strong by helping you produce collagen. A 1-cup serving of shallots contains 1.9 milligrams of iron.

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