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Shallot Vegetable Health Benefits

Shallots or eschalots are long, slender, underground, fleshy stems in the Allium family of tunicate bulb vegetables. This bulb vegetable is probably originated in the Central Asian region, and today, cultivated as a major commercial crop in all the continents.


Shallots help in a healthy digestion. Due to its dietary fiber content, it absorbs water and fills your stomach after a meal.


It slowly releases sugar in your bloodstream and helps soften the stool, thus preventing constipation.


It is also useful in reducing the blood cholesterol levels, preventing many heart diseases.


Shallots are commonly used in cooking, therefore they are cultivated extensively.


They are used as a condiment in various Asian cuisines in a finely sliced or deep-fried form.


Shallots are costlier than onions and are popularly used in cuisines like Malaysian and Thai.


Benefits of shallots’ nutrients can be gained by adding them directly to your dish, sautéing, adding to pastas.


Fresh shallots can be combined with fruits and vegetables for salsas. Add them to your salads, pizzas, sandwiches and wraps as caramelized shallots.


Shallots contain more nutrition than onions. They have more anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and flavonoids anti-oxidants like quercetin and kemferfol.


The mineral content of shallots is typically higher than that of onions, including iron, copper, and potassium.


Iron and Copper can help to boost circulation in the body by stimulating the production of red blood cells.


With more RBC in the blood stream, blood circulation increases, bringing more oxygen to important areas of the body and increasing energy, vitality, cell re-growth, healing, and metabolism.


The combination of potassium, a well known vasodilator, and the action of allicin, which releases nitric oxide in the body, blood pressure is significantly decreased.


A vasodilator relaxes the walls of the blood vessels and allows blood to flow more freely. This prevents clotting and stress on the cardiovascular system, further boosting heart health.

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