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Sencha Tea Health Benefits

The Sencha green tea is a famous green tea that is made from top parts of the tea leaf as well as the tea buds. Sencha green tea is a green tea from Japan that comes with a lot of health benefits like high levels of powerful polyphenols as well as antioxidants.


The flavour of the Sencha green tea is more robust with a tinge of grassy flavour.


The Sencha green tea is known to be beneficial in the prevention of the coronary artery diseases and atherosclerosis.


This can also help lower the cholesterol levels and increase the levels of good HDL.


It has been believed that the Sencha green tea can stop the absorption of cholesterol in the body. This can also help the body get rid of excessive cholesterol.


Drinking Sencha tea is known to help burn the calories and suits best in a weight-loss diet.


The antioxidant properties in this drink also help in retaining a youthful skin and reduce the wrinkles by hydrating the skin. It also helps in repairing inflamed and damaged skin.


In fact, a cup of Sencha tea after every meal prevents germs to attack the teeth and also helps to keep bad breath away.


Gargling with it acts as a great relief in sore throat or cough. Sencha tea is replete with Vitamin C which makes it a healthy option always.


Studies on the effects of Sencha tea and other green teas are still ongoing and sometimes have conflicting results.


There is evidence that green teas are effective in cancer prevention, reducing tumours and increasing the survival rates of cancer patients.


Studies with green tea and black tea extracts have shown that cells might be less sensitive to chemotherapy drugs when extracts are taken.


Until further studies are completed, patients should avoid green and black tea while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

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