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Scallion Vegetable Health Benefits

Scallion, commonly known as green onion, spring onion, or salad onion, is a small onion with long leaves. Scallion can be used for the relief of nasal congestion, whether due to the common cold or for chronic rhinitis sufferers.


It is a warming herb, so it is best used in cases where the mucus or phlegm is clear or white when taken as a tea, little brewing is necessary.


Simply add hot water to the chopped herbs, cover and steep for a few minutes before drinking.


When adding to soups, add near the end. Scientists believe the components in onions, garlic, and scallions called allyl sulfides and bioflavonoids are key to their powerful health benefits.


For cardiovascular health, clinical experiments have shown regular consumption of garlic may help improve circulation and help decrease calcium deposits and the size of arterial plaque in coronary arteries.


As for detoxification, one study found that eating fresh garlic and onions each day can help remove toxins from the body.


Scallions are a low-calorie vegetable, containing 32 calories per 1-cup serving.


While you can eat scallions alone, it is more common to eat this vegetable as part of a larger recipe or sprinkled over top of a dish, so your total caloric intake is much greater.


One serving of scallions provides little in the way of protein 1.8 g. This amount accounts for 1 to 3.6 percent of the protein you need each day.


Boil the whole green onion for a few minutes. Grind it and mix with a little water just enough to make a paste, and then place it to the swollen part of your feet.


This simple method is used since hundreds of years ago by our ancestors.


The scallion’s leaves contain vitamin A in the form of carotenoids, the substances responsible for the plant’s green colour.


Scallions contain the carotenoids beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.


Your body converts beta-carotene into retinol, which is the vitamin A you’re familiar with that contributes to vision and healthy skin.

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