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Satsuma Fruit Health Benefits

Satsumas, is a citrus fruit related to the orange, these oranges are mostly seedless and their flesh is sweet but very delicate. These loose skinned oranges need careful handling. They are easier to peel and segment, than others.


The evergreen tree of Satsuma flowers in springs. The tree gets covered with fruits and looks very attractive.


At the onset of winter, the fruits are harvested. About 200 cultivars of Satsuma are popular, for example, Owari and Mikan; the pulp of which is used to produce canned mandarins.


Satsumas are slightly smaller than the normal oranges.
Satsuma mandarins contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber is rich in pectin, a component that may aid in weight loss.


Not only does pectin decrease appetite, it swells in the intestines, making one feel satisfied and “full.”


Pectin also lowers triglycerides. Vitamin C, another nutritional component of the Satsuma, has shown remarkable results with weight loss.


It is rich in calcium, vitamin A, and iron and copper. Copper promotes proper utilization of iron in the body and helps maintain bone health, thyroid function.


It protects the blood vessels from rupturing, and also protects the nerves.


The vitamins and minerals help prevent hair loss, strengthen the hair and nails, and improve the texture and quality of the skin.


These nutrients help improve memory and the ability to concentrate.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin which cancels the effects of free radicals on the body, and strengthens the immune system. It offers smooth skin, healthy eyes and improved overall health.
Calories in Satsuma orange being low, the fruit can be included in any type of weight loss diet.


In China, mandarin oranges are considered as symbols of abundance and good fortune.


Avoid Satsuma Mandarins that are overly soft or are starting to show even small spots of brown.


They tend to develop decay spots on the inside that will first appear as a brown spot on the skin.

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