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Rambutans Health Benefits

Rambutans are small red colour fruits with spiky hair on the skin. It has a sweet, juicy flesh which is slightly acidic and small brown coloured seeds whose oil is used in a number of industries.

Rambutan is believed to have originated in Indonesia and is now widely found in Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Ecuador, Australia and America.


Inside the fruit there are many important compounds such as vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, protein and carbohydrates, all the substances needed by the body every day. Rambutan fruit is known as a very low-fat.


Most of the calories of rambutan, derived from carbohydrates.


The carbohydrates and protein content of rambutan help to increase energy and prevent bloating. Rambutan is also rich in water which helps to get back the lost energy and quenches thirst.


Phosphorus in rambutan helps to remove the waste in kidneys and is essential for the development, repair, and maintenance of tissues and body cells.


Rambutan also contains significant amounts of calcium which works together with phosphorus to fortify the teeth and strengthens bones.


Besides nutritional benefits, rambutan also offers therapeutic functions. Consuming the fruit can help to kill intestinal parasites and helps to relieve symptoms of diarrhoea and fever.


Rambutan is rich in vitamin C. If a person consuming 10 to 12 rambutan, then he was taking 75-90 mg of ascorbic acid, more than twice the recommended amount in the daily menu.


In addition to functioning as an anti-oxidant, vitamin C can prevent cell damage and helps the absorption of iron.


One of the compounds in rambutan skin is Gallic acid. These compounds act as free radical antidote because it helps protect the body from oxidative damage.


Once again, this can be a help to fight cancer. Rambutans roots bark, and leave have various uses in the production of dyes and drugs.

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