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Peaches Health Benefits

This fruit is a member of the Rosaceae family and is a close relative of almonds. Regular intake of one large peach can help you to lose weight. One peach contains only 68 calories surprisingly with no fat. Peach, however, is an ideal diet for dieters.


Vitamin A and C make peaches a great natural moisturizer; they’re often used in cosmetics.


These vitamins can help regenerate skin tissue. They are rich in many vital minerals such as potassium, fluoride and iron. Iron is required for red blood cell formation.


Fluoride is a component of bones and teeth and is essential for prevention of dental caries. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that help regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

Peaches low in fat and calories; it also does not increase blood sugar levels or insulin. Because the sweetness of the peaches come from natu ral sugars. Peaches contain a lot of antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acid which makes it healt hier.


These types of antioxidants are largely concentrated in the peaches skin and flesh. This substance can protect the body from diseases such as cancer and chronic problems.


Chlorogenic acids also reduce inflammation and control the body’s aging process. Peaches are a great way to cleanse out toxins from your colon, kidneys, stomach and liver.


The high fibre content pushes out any toxic excess waste matter from your colon, and helps protect against colon cancer. Peaches are also rich in potassium which reduces kidney related diseases and reduces your chance of developing ulcers.


Peaches are high in iron and vitamin K which are two important substances for keeping the heart healthy. Vitamin K prevents the blood from clotting and protects against a myriad of heart diseases.


Iron keeps the blood healthy and strong and prevents against iron-deficiency anaemia. The lycopene and lutein in peaches also significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

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