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Okra vegetable Health Benefits

Okra, also known as “lady finger”, is one of the popular nutritious vegetables. Okra is characterized by green colour, elongated and tapering ridged pods infused with double row of seeds and slimy texture when cut open.


Besides being low in calories it packed with vitamins of the category A, Thiamine, B6, C, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber.


The fiber in okra has many superior qualities in maintaining the health of the gastro-intestinal tract.


It helps reabsorb water and traps excess cholesterol, metabolic toxins and surplus bile in its mucilage and slips it out through the stool.


Due to greater percentage of water in the bulk it thereby prevents constipation, gas and bloating in the abdomen.


The pods are one of the rich sources of mucilage substance that help in smooth peristalsis of digested food through the gut and ease constipation condition.


The rich fiber and mucilaginous (slimy) content in okra pods help increase bulk, bind to toxins and ensure easy bowel movements with its natural laxative properties.


Regularly eating okra also reduces the risk of colon cancer. The high antioxidants and vitamin C content make okra a good immune booster food that reduces your catching the cough and cold.


Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking young and vibrant. The vitamin aids in the growth and repair of bodily tissues, which affects collagen formation and skin pigmentation, and helps to rejuvenate damaged skin.


Okra is a nutritional powerhouse used throughout history for both medicinal and culinary purposes.


Once loved by the Egyptians and still used in many dishes today (such as the infamous gumbo dish), this pod-producing, tropical vegetable dates back over 3500 years ago.


Okra is used for healing ulcers and to keep joints limber. It helps to neutralize acids, being very alkaline, and provides a temporary protective coating for the digestive tract.

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