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Mineral Oil Health Benefits

Mineral oil is oil that is derived from petroleum, clear colourless extraordinary oil. It’s chemically similar to petroleum jelly and is produced in heavy and light grades, or viscosities.


A variety of cosmetics contain mineral oil, including popular skin care products like cold cream as well as medical ointments for adults, children, and babies.


Unlike some other skin care additives, research suggests that the refined type of oil used in cosmetics does not clog pores and is generally considered safe for all types of skin.


Mineral oil is a good alternative to Vaseline or aquaphor if you really hate the thick or waxy texture.


Mineral oil, although not as awesome at preventing water loss, does a pretty good job and the texture is far lighter.


This is definitely something to consider applying post moisturizer. Mineral oil acts as a moisturizing agent only to the extent that it keeps the area of skin that it is applied to moist.


While most moisturizers include important nutrients that support the fragile-and always aging-facial skin mineral oil provides no nutrients whatsoever. It actually seals off your skin, preventing it from breathing.


Mineral oil should not be taken within two hours of mealtime because the mineral oil may interfere with food digestion and the absorption of important nutrients.


Do not take any laxative for more than one week unless you have been told to do so by your physician.


Many people tend to overuse laxative products, which often leads to dependence on the laxative action to produce a bowel movement.


Discuss the use of laxatives with your health care professional in order to ensure that the laxative is used effectively as part of a comprehensive, healthy bowel management regimen.


Mineral oil should not be used during pregnancy because it may interfere with absorption of nutrients in the mother and, if used for prolonged periods, cause severe bleeding in the newborn infant.

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