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Mabolo Fruit Health Benefits

Velvet apple or mabolo, which scientific name is called Diospyros discolor or Diospyros blancoi is an evergreen tree indigenous to the Philippines. The fruit in red is extremely prestigious in certain regions, but not really known in many parts of the globe.


The mature leaves of mabolo tree are dark green; the newer ones are pale green with silky hair.


The fruit often grow in pairs of threes on opposite sides of a branch.


The Mabolo fruit has a thin, brownish-maroon skin coated with golden-brown hair.


The skin gives off a strong, unpleasant cheesy odour, but once it is removed, the fruit is quite odour free and has a distinct, sweetish flavour.


The feel and flavour of the mabolo is akin to the pear. Mostly this fruit is eaten raw or juiced.


Mabolo is full of vitamin B complex along with vitamin C and A. Ongoing research shows that mabolo includes many phenolic compounds which have compelling antioxidant activity and vitamin c in fruits benefits the immune system.


As with many other fruits mabolo also contains calcium, iron and potassium. Velvet apples are green on the tree and turn gold upon ripening.


When ready to be plucked from the tree, mabolos display a rust colour or a deep crimson hue on its powdery, velvety skin.


Another giveaway of the fruit’s ripeness is its musky, pungent smell. As is true of several fruits, the stronger the aroma, the riper the fruit.


In Southeast Asia, velvet apple juice treats diarrhoea, dysentery, insect bites, and cough, diabetes, and stomach ailments.


Bangladeshis utilize the leaves and bark to heal snakebites and to cleanse the eyes; and in Guiana, locals consume the fruit to remedy hypertension and heart problems.


It is also used in salad preparations, by dicing the fruit. In the same manner, it is used as ingredients in soups, where it changes texture and becomes tough when stewed.

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