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Kumquats Health Benefits

Kumquats are a small sized evergreen tree native to South-eastern parts of mountainous China. Today, they have grown for their delicious fruits and as ornament tree in many parts of the world, including the USA. Like oranges, kumquats also very rich in vitamin C. 100 g fruit provides 47.9 or 73% of RDA (Recommended daily allowances).


Vitamin-C is one of the powerful natural anti-oxidant, which has many essential biological roles like collagen synthesis and wound healing; anti-viral and anti-cancer activity; and helps prevent from neuro-degenerative diseases, arthritis, diabetes and many more by removing oxidant free-radicals from the body.


Furthermore, vitamin C felicitates iron absorption in the food by reducing it from ferrous to ferric form in the stomach.


Kumquat fruit is oval in shape. It looks like orange but small in shape. It is edible, sweet and citrus fruit that is eaten whole including its skin. Eating kumquat lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.


Thus it increases the flow of blood in the nervous system and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Kumquat contains a good amount of potassium which increases the fluid level.


Thus, it helps to maintain blood pressure and heart rate. Kumquat is the rich source of nutrient that is required for the production of blood.


It provides manganese, magnesium, copper, iron and folate that are required for the formation of RBC. Also it contains Vitamin C that increases iron absorbing capacity of the body. Like the fruit, the kumquat peel too is highly nutritious.


It possesses substances like limonene, pinene, a-bergamotene and caryophylleneare. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Treatment of gallstones and alleviation of heartburn are some other health benefits of kumquat peel.


The existence of vitamin C within kumquats is extremely efficient Vitamin-C has numerous important biological functions from the damages of cells. Kumquats are extremely helpful in long-term situations.


Because of existence of citric acid within kumquats it is extremely good for prevent from kidney stone.

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