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Kale Health Benefits

Kale, also known as borecole, is one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. A leafy green, kale is available in curly, ornamental, or dinosaur varieties. Kale’s health benefits are primarily linked to the high concentration and excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K and sulphur containing phytonutrients.


Kale is an excellent source of vitamin K. Eating a diet high in Vitamin K can help protect against various cancers.


It is also necessary for a wide variety of bodily functions including normal bone health and blood clotting. Also increased levels of vitamin K can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef.


Iron is essential for good health, such as the formation of haemoglobin and enzymes, transporting oxygen to various parts of the body, cell growth, proper liver function and more.


One cup of cooked kale has more vitamin C than a cup of cooked spinach and unlike spinach; kale’s oxalate content is very low which means that the calcium and iron in kale are highly absorbable in the human digestive system.


The fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6 content in kale all support heart health.


An increase in potassium intake along with a decrease in sodium intake is the most important dietary change that a person can make to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.


Kale is high in fiber and water content, both of which help to prevent constipation and promote regularity and a healthy digestive tract.


The manganese in kale helps your body’s own antioxidant defence system, superoxide dismutase, protecting you from damaging free radicals.


Its folate and B6 team up to keep homocysteine levels down, which may help prevent heart disease, dementia, and osteoporosis bone fractures.


The healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids keeps your body strong, healthy and beautiful from the inside out.


Kale’s concentration of major nutrients gives your skin’s health and appearance a boost. Kale can be enjoyed raw in salads or on sandwiches or wraps, braised, boiled, sautéed or added to soups and casseroles.

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