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Jujube Fruit Health Benefits

Jujube is a shrub or small tree, the fruit is commonly used to make medicine. In manufacturing, jujube extracts are used in skin care products to reduce redness and swelling, wrinkles and dryness; and for relief from sunburn.


The small, red round fruit has edible skin and a sweet flavour.


It has been popular in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has been gaining popularity in the West.


This fruit, also known as the Chinese date, has potent health benefits.


Antioxidants in jujube help defend the body from damaging free radicals.


These free radicals interact with cells, damage vital components and may trigger diseases and aging.


Because jujubes contain a large amount of antioxidants, they can help improve the immune system and overall health.


There are at least 400 jujube varieties, successfully developed for their distinctive characteristics mainly varieties best for eating fresh and others for drying to attain a chewy, date-like consistency.


Jujubes are red inside and out, with a crispy texture, edible skin, and a sweet-tart, apple-like flavour.


When ripe, they can be stored at room temperature for about a week.


Medical studies have found that jujube fruits and extracts have the capacity help lower blood pressure, reverse liver disease, treat anaemia, and inhibit the growth of tumour cells that can lead to leukaemia.


Jujube extracts are also used in skin care products used to diminish wrinkles, relieve dry skin, and treat sunburn pain.


The dried fruits of the jujube consist of saponin, alkaloids and also triterpenoids.


These 3 substances are all valuable in cleaning the blood, and also as a guide to digestion of food.


If you are attempting to lose weight or even sustain your present bodyweight however you are tired of eating peaches and oranges, jujube fruit might help.


Every 2-ounce offering of raw jujube, about 4 fruits, just has 44 calories and virtually no fat yet provides you with ½ gram of protein.


It really is mild and also rejuvenating, including variety as well as an apple-like taste in your diet without increasing your waist.

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