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Jack’na Bush Health Benefits

Jack’na Bush is scientifically known as Eupatorium Odoratum and is a tropical species of the Asteraceae family. The shrub is native to North America’s tropical and sub-tropical regions but has been introduced to other regions of the world.


The leaf of the Jack’na Bush is the part of the shrub that is traditionally used in herbal medicine.


The leaves can be crushed in the hands or grinded before being applied to cuts on the skin.


One can then bandage the crushed leaves around that specific area of the body to promote healing.


Some also inhale the pungent, aromatic odour from the crushed leaf to bring relief from coughs.


The plant’s leaf has also been found to promote healing as it lessened the blood flow to wounds on the body.


The shrub also has anti-inflammatory properties and its leaves contain essential oils such as Camphor, Cadional Isomer, Alpha-pinene and Cadinene.


Jack’ na bush (Eupatorium odoratum) makes a great tea, nice and sweet tasting.


These bushes although grown in Jamaica, are best had from someone specialising in herbology or from an experienced person in the market.


For one, you need to be sure it’s grown in a clean environment free from interferences such as animal tampering, and ‘other plants’.


This herb can be prepared by putting the Jack ‘na bush in a piece of cloth, and a little water, then beat it. After beating it, you then add salt, strain and drink.


This offers many benefits for the body, an herb that is found in some parts of Jamaica.


It was also found to be an excellent treatment for haemorrhoids and staphylococcus bacteria as well.


So the next time you happen to travel to Jamaica or your living there, try this lovely herb for its benefits it has to offer.


But, before using any herbal supplement, contact a health care provider especially if pregnant or breastfeeding as everyone’s body reacts differently to herbs.

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