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Horse Chestnut Oil Health Benefits

Essential oils are extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, herbs, brushes, shrubs and trees through distillation. They have been used for medicinal and healing purposes for thousands of years.


Clinical studies are currently underway in many countries to test the healing properties of various oils, and in the United States, many practices are starting to realize the benefits of essential oils.


Horse chestnut is a plant. Its seed, bark, flower, and leaves are used to make medicine.


Its oil is extracted from its seed. Horse chestnut is an astringent, anti-inflammatory herb that helps to tone the vein walls which, when slack or distended, may become varicose, haemorrhoidal or otherwise challenging.


The plant reduces fluid retention by increasing the permeability of the capillaries and allowing the re-absorption of excess fluid back into the circulatory system.


When applied topically as a 2% gel, oil or balm, the escin in horse chestnut extract is an effective treatment for bruised skin.


Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling, while the broken capillaries under the skin that cause the blue or black bruising are strengthened and repaired.


External, topical application of horse chestnut extract can also be effective in treating sports injuries.


Care should be taken when consuming horse chestnut extract as it can interfere with certain medication, including anticoagulant and blood thinning drugs, such as warfarin or heparin.


It should not be taken by individuals with a blood clotting disorder. As horse chestnut extract can lower blood sugar, it should not be taken by anyone with diabetes. It is possible to overdose on supplements of horse chestnut extract.


Because of its saponin content Horse chestnut seed should not be used topically on broken or ulcerated skin. 


For the same reason, taken internally raw Horse chestnuts are irritating to the gastrointestinal tract and therefore a prepared remedy should be used.

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