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Hoodia Tea Health Benefits

Hoodia is a plant that is derived out of South Africa. Hoodia gordonii grows in clumps of green upright stems. Although it is often called a cactus because it resembles one, Hoodia is actually a succulent plant. Hoodia Tea is a shredded and dried form of the Hoodia plant that can be consumed like tea by brewing it in warm water.


Most of the Hoodia Teas available on the market are seldom pure Hoodia, since they come as blends of Hoodia with Green Tea and other herbs.


Hoodia Supplements are the dietary supplements that mainly contain Hoodia, along with other ingredients, and are used for losing weight.


Hoodia Supplements, because of their Hoodia content, give the feeling of a full stomach and thus result in a loss of appetite.


Thousands of people have lost hundreds of pounds as a direct result of ingesting Hoodia Tea.


A most magical combination seems to be the ingestion of Hoodia tea and green tea simultaneously.


Green tea benefits weight loss, increases energy, detoxifies the body and helps with brain function.


The active components of Green tea provide a thermogenisis effect. Hoodia Tea does not help you eliminate fat.


It instead squashes your hunger so you are not inclined to take in extra calories. Hoodia affects the part of your brain that makes you think you are hungry.


It simply turns the hunger centre off. Certain studies show that if you take Hoodia tea, you will burn up less than one thousand calories per day.


That equals two to three pounds per week and is indeed a huge amount of weight loss.


As well, because of all the antioxidants that are present from the green tea extract, your body gains a better immune system and thus you have a prevention method which works against diseases such as the common cold, the flu, and as well serious ones, such as cancer.

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