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Honey bush Tea Health Benefits

Honey bush tea is made as a simple herbal infusion and is sometimes consumed with milk and sugar as is done with black tea, but to appreciate the delicate sweet taste and flavour, no milk or sugar should be added.


Adding a small amount of honey to the tea will bring out the honey-like flavour of the herb.


Honey bush contains many of the 14 minerals essential to human health and wellness. Among these are the critical elements: Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Manganese.


These are vital in the prevention of anaemia, fluid balance abnormalities, and for adequate bone growth and repair.


Honey bush tea plants have woody stems, a relatively low ratio of leaves to stems and hard-shelled seeds that germinate poorly if not scarified prior to germination.


Leaf shape and size differ within the species, but are mostly thin, needle-like to elongated, broadish leaves.


During the flowering period the bushes are easily recognized in the field as they are covered with distinctive, deep-yellow flowers, which have a characteristic sweet honey scent, from which the tea acquires its name.


Honey bush tea is traditionally a very coarse product, which contributes to the belief that the unrefined product has certain health giving properties.


The tea is therefore often sold as a mixture a short stems and leaves.


South African herbalists have long valued the tea for its medicinal properties, and some of these have been confirmed by modern medical research.


Honey bush tea is rich in antioxidants and makes a wise and healthy addition to your daily diet.


Free radicals are the very unstable compounds that attack DNA, proteins and fatty acids, leading to health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants are now known to be potent free radical scavengers.


Honey bush tea is low in tannin and is caffeine free a significant factor for people who have to avoid stimulants. It is soothing and relaxing and has been found to counter headaches, irritability, tension, insomnia and depression.

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