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Hog Plum Health Benefits

Ambarella fruit also known as the hog plum or golden apple has several health benefits including the fact that it can help cure and alleviate many diseases. Hog plums have several beneficial properties. They are very high in fiber and have very few calories.


The fruit also is an excellent source of vitamin C and iron, and it can provide some calcium.


For these reasons, some people seek out the plums for their nutritional value, squeezing them into a citrus juice. The term hog plum is used to describe many of the fruits from the Spondias trees.


Some of the fruits also have other names, such as Spanish plums or Java plums, and can be collectively called mombins.


The colour of the skin can range from red to orange or green, although many of the fruits have a skin colour that looks like a mango. The plums with yellow skins are most often used in cooking.


The hog plum makes a very low-calorie fruit choice. A 100-g portion contains just 29 calories. By comparison, a 100-g portion of its cousin, the mango, contains 64 calories almost twice as much.


As a low-energy-dense food, the hog plum can help satisfy your appetite without costing you too many calories, making it easier for you stay within your calorie goals to maintain a healthy weight.


People suffering from diarrhoea, dysentery, and loose bowel movement can take a decoction of ambarella bark to ease discomfort. The fruit is eaten as a mild laxative but in large quantities it is considered to be emetic (induces vomiting).


The leaves are also considered to be an excellent vermifuge and anthelmintic and often used for intestinal worms and parasites in humans as well as their livestock.


It is considered analgesic and antispasmodic and used for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, injuries and inflammation.

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