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Hawthorn Tea Health Benefits

Consumption of hawthorn tea promotes a healthy flow of blood to the heart which can improve circulation throughout the entire body. There are many constituents to be found in hawthorn tea which help to contribute to healthy cardiovascular function.


The elements present in this tea have also shown an ability to act as inhibitors for the production of certain blood restricting substances in the body.


There are many heart conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, and heart failure that have shown improvement as a result of drinking regularly hawthorn tea.


This tea has also demonstrated a soothing effect on those that drink it, making it effective for treating those that are suffering from tension and anxiety.


Hawthorn tea can be successful in easing tight and tense feelings, particularly in the chest, as well as heart palpitations which can be a symptom of anxiety.


Oftentimes, those that experience anxiety also deal with high blood pressure.


Since this is an herbal remedy that can help lower blood pressure, this is another benefit that helps with the onset of anxiety as well.


To prepare this herbal drink, pour one cup of hot water over one hawthorn tea bag. Allow the tea bag to steep for 10 minutes.


Hawthorn tea typically will have a sour or tart flavour. A bit of cinnamon can be strewn into it or honey can be stirred in for added flavour if preferred.


Hawthorn tea is a safe drink that can be taken 1 to 2 cups a day regularly or as desired.


Hawthorn tea is packed with many different beneficial antioxidants and active compounds which can help prevent damage that is done by free radicals in the body.


This helps to better protect our cells from abnormalities and damage which can in turn protect against the development of certain cancers.


Hawthorn tea is also high in vitamin C which makes it great for building up your immunity.


This tea also contains small amounts of vitamins A, some B vitamins, potassium, and magnesium.


The tea can be found in the form of tea bags worldwide in supermarkets.

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