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Guaco Herb Health Benefits

Guaco bush commonly known as leaf of life is an herb that is tasty, nutritious and healthy. Guaco bush is used as a cold remedy and a decoction of the leaves is also used to bathe the skin for itch or the fresh leaves are merely rubbed on.


Several Mikania species have a reputation in Africa and South America as antidotes for snake bites, venereal disease, ophthalmia, rheumatism and gout and dysentery.


This Jamaican herb act as nervous system and female organs herb, Antidote to bites of some insects, cold remedy the leaves it is also used to bathe the skin for itch are just rubbed on the skin as you would rub soap on a rag when having a shower.


gkbuygjy5rfuj6tuyhg6jkguyTraditional uses of medicinal plants can be very important, especially to researchers and drug companies.


If a plant has been used in a specific way for a specific purpose for many years and in many different geographical areas, there is probably a reason for it.


The leaves of the herb are boiled for a few minutes, sweetened with honey or with sugar if it is preferred, then sipped to bring relief from the likes of diarrhoea.


The fresh Guaco leaves may also be applied to areas of the skin in an effort to ease any itch or as a remedy to being bitten by certain insects.


The juice from the leaves of the Jamaican Guaco bush may also be squeezed onto the desired area of the skin and used like therapeutic oil.


Jamaican Guaco is also used to cleanse the blood, improve digestion, combat asthma along with promoting a healthier respiratory system.


The fresh leaves of the Guaco plant may also be heated and used to kill bacteria, heal wounds, treat rashes, and stave off yeast infections as well as relieving aches and pain along sections of the body.

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