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Ginger Herb Health Benefits

Ginger is an herb that is used as a spice and also for its therapeutic qualities. Ginger is part of the Zingiberaceae family, as are cardamom, turmeric and galangal. Ginger is grown as a root and is a flexible ingredient that can be consumed in drinks or in cooking.


Ginger is also used as flavouring by the food and drinks industry, as a spice and flavouring in cooking, and for fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.


Ginger is commonly used to treat various types of “stomach problems,” including motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas, diarrhoea, nausea caused by cancer treatment, nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite.


Some people pour the fresh juice on their skin to treat burns. The oil made from ginger is sometimes applied to the skin to relieve pain.


Ginger is a known effective remedy for the nausea associated with motion sickness.


The exact reason is unknown, but in a study of naval cadets, those given ginger powder suffered less.


Ginger is ideal in assisting digestion, thereby improving food absorption and avoiding possible stomach ache. 


Ginger appears to reduce inflammation in a similar way to aspirin and ibuprofen.


Ginger helps improve the immune system. Consuming a little bit ginger a day can help foil potential risk of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries.


It also decreases bacterial infections in the stomach, and helps battle a bad cough and throat irritation.


The healing property of ginger comes from the volatile oils, such as gingerols, that are responsible for its strong taste.


The rhizomes from younger ginger plants are generally used for cooking because the older the plant is, the more essential oils are present and the stronger the flavour.


If you are taking medications, consult a health practitioner, as all herbs can interact with other medications.

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