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Foxglove Herb Health Benefits

Foxglove scientifically known as digitalis lanata is an herb that is commonly grown in Europe. It is commonly observed as a wild-flower in Great Britain, and grows freely in some of the eastern counties of England.


Despite its danger, physicians and herbalists have long turned to foxglove to treat a variety of disorders, including tuberculosis and oedema.


But it wasn’t until the twentieth century that health practitioners made the link between foxglove and congestive heart failure (CHF), and that medicines derived from the plant were developed into prescription drugs.


The foxglove is considered to be among the loveliest, the most significant, the best known and even the most lethal.


The plant poison called digitalis is simply the powdered down dried leaves of the foxglove plant.


Digitalis is a well known cardiac stimulating compound that has helped millions of heart patients stay alive due to its property of stimulating the cardiac muscles.


The main chemical compound found in the foxglove plant is a glycoside called digitoxin; this chemical compound has been chemically isolated in the laboratory and is now artificially synthesized as well.


The contraction of cardiac muscles is strengthened and boosted by the digitoxin; the compound also slows the pulsation rate of the human heart.


Foxglove also contains one more important glycoside called digoxin; this compound has a diuretic effect on the kidneys and is used in some medications.


The foxglove is a very easy to grow in most garden soils, particularly if such soils are rich in the content of organic matter and humus.


The foxglove grows best in light dry soils in sites with a semi-shade; however, the plant can also succeeds very well in sites with full exposure to the sunlight if the soil at the site is also moist or wet.


The foxglove herb is also adapted to acidic soils and grows well in such soils.


It was originally used to treat ulcers in the lower abdomen, boils, headaches, abscesses, and paralysis, and externally for healing wounds.

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