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Drumstick Vegetable Health Benefits

Drumstick tree or Moringa oleiferais an herbaceous plant grown for its nutritious leafy-greens, flower buds, and mineral-rich green pods.


Moringa plant possesses unique nutritional qualities that hold promise to millions of impoverished communities around the world who lack in many nutritional supplements such as protein, minerals, and vitamins.


Fresh pods and seeds are a good source of oleic acid, a health-benefiting monounsaturated fat.


Moringa, as high-quality oilseed crop, can be grown alternatively to improve nutrition levels of populations in many drought-prone regions of Africa and Asia.


Moringa is also used to reduce swelling, increase sex drive (as an aphrodisiac), prevent pregnancy, boost the immune system, and increase breast milk production.


Some people use it as a nutritional supplement or tonic. Moringa is sometimes applied directly to the skin as a germ-killer or drying agent (astringent).


It is also used topically for treating pockets of infection (abscesses), athlete’s foot, dandruff, gum disease (gingivitis), snakebites, warts, and wounds.


It is an exceptionally nutritious vegetable tree with a variety of potential uses.


It is antibacterial and a wonderful cleanser. It is considered one of the world’s most useful trees, as almost every part of the Moringa tree can be used for food or has some other beneficial property.


In the tropics, it is used as forage for livestock, and in many countries, Moringa micronutrient liquid, a natural anthelmintic (kills parasites) and adjuvant (to aid or enhance another drug) is used as a metabolic conditioner to aid against endemic diseases in developing countries.


A soup made with drumstick flowers boiled in milk is very useful as a sexual tonic in the treatment of sexual debility as mentioned before.


It is also useful in functional sterility in both males and females. The powder of the dry bark is valuable in impotency, premature ejaculation and thinness of semen.


About 120 gm. of the powder of the dry bark should be boiled in 600 ml. of water for about half an hour and 30 ml. of this. Mixed with a table spoonful of honey, should be taken three times daily for a month to cure these conditions.

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