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Dates Health Benefits

Dates can be eaten fresh; the fruit is very often dried, resembling raisins or plums and contains many essential minerals, vitamin and fiber. Magnesium has been shown to help lower blood pressure and again, dates are full of the mineral.


Additionally, potassium is another mineral in dates that has several functions within the body, aiding with the proper workings of the heart and helping to reduce blood pressure. Dates are good for gaining weight also.


These delicious fruits contain oil, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are all beneficial for health.


The significant amounts of minerals found in dates make it a super food for strengthening bones and fighting off painful and debilitating diseases like osteoporosis.


Dates contain selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are integral to healthy bone development and strength.


Dates have a high mineral content, which is beneficial for many different health conditions, but their impressive levels of iron make them a perfect dietary supplement for people suffering from anaemia.


The high level of iron balances out the inherent lack of iron in anaemic patients, increasing energy and strength, while decreasing feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.


Dates can be used in a several ways, such as mixing the paste of the dates with milk, yogurt or with bread or butter to make them even more delicious.


Dates are often categorized as a laxative food. This is why dates are so frequently eaten by people suffering from constipation.


In order to achieve the desired laxative effect of dates, you should soak them in water over night. Then, eat the soaked dates in the morning like syrup to get the most optimal results.


Dates are also quite helpful in keeping your heart healthy. When they are soaked for the night, crushed in the morning and then consumed, they have been shown to have a positive effect on weak hearts.

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