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Condonopsis Herb Health Benefits

Codonopsis plant has leaves that are oval shaped and greenish purple flowers that are bell shaped. This herb has its origin in China and few other parts of Asia, a genus in the family Campanulaceae.


Codonopsis comes in tea, tincture and tablet form. It’s often found in herbal tonics labelled “ginseng. Codonopsis is a relatively inexpensive herb that is often substituted for Panax ginseng in herbal tonics.


It is believed to have an action similar to that of panax ginseng, but milder. Often used by poorer Chinese patients, it is commonly referred to as “poor man’s ginseng”.


This herb aids dry coughs and lung conditions, including wheezing.


It is helpful as an anti-ulcerogenic agent, meaning that it protects you against ulcers.


It is also gastro-protective, meaning that it protects your digestive system, and it is helpful for weight management.


Codonopsis is one of the adaptogenic herbs, which as a group strengthen your ability to defend against high levels of stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue.


Stress is becoming more common these days and ongoing stress can cause a number of health problems.


Although codonopsis is sometimes used as a substitute for ginseng in general tonic formulas, none of the chemicals called saponins that are responsible for some of the effects of ginseng have been found in codonopsis.


Codonopsis is also used to lower blood pressure and increase endurance to stress.


Codonopsis root helps to alleviate the effects of stress including muscle tension, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, and adrenaline.


This ancient herb is a milder one than ginseng but works similarly to ginseng. Codonopsis herb also stimulates the nervous system and improves immune system.


Codonopsis root is consumed by nursing mothers, as it helps in increasing milk production. This milk is highly nutritious for nursing babies and retains the loss of energy in nursing mothers.

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