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Cleavers Herbal Tea Health Benefits

Cleavers is a climbing plant that grows along ditch banks or along hedgerows. It likes to find a fence or a tree or another herb that grows tall so it can climb. It is also known as goose grass, because the geese like it so well.


It is also called bedstraw, hedge burs, madder, cleavers wort, catch weed and many more. The stalk, or stem, is square and covered with hooks and will reach a length of four to seven feet.


Six long narrow lance-shaped leaves grow in whorls around the stem.


Out from these whorls of leaves grow two little side branches. On the ends of each branch is a little blossom with four white petals.


Cleavers tea is good for many ailments, although it is mostly known as a diuretic to help the kidneys and urinary problems.


Cleaver tea is often used as a wash for burns, scrapes, abrasions, ulcers, dandruff, itchy scalp, and other skin problems.


The tea is also good for relieving stress, tonsillitis, and prostate disorders.


Cleavers make an excellent facial toner that helps clear the complexion. Use in tea form and splash on after washing, apply with a cotton ball, or apply with spray bottle.


Make a strong tea with a large handful of cleaver stalks, leaves, and a pint of water. Gently simmer for fifteen minutes, strain, and bottle.


There is also a long tradition for the use of Cleavers in the effective treatment of ulcers and tumours.


This may have its basis in the lymphatic drainage, which helps detoxify tissue. For the lymphatic system, combine this herb with Echinacea or Calendula.


Herbs have long being used for its medicinal benefits, and can be found in many backyards, supermarkets or your local markets.


People who have normal wrinkles and droopiness on their face, which occurs as one ages, should consider using cleavers, as they might find it beneficial for their condition.

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