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Cinquefoil Herb Health Benefits

Cinquefoil herb is a creeping plant with large yellow flowers like the Silverweed, each one growing on its own long stalk, which springs from the point at which the leaf joins the stem.


The juice or decoction taken with a little honey removes hoarseness and is very good for coughs.


The root boiled in vinegar, being applied, heals inflammations, painful sores and the shingles.


The same also, boiled in wine, and applied to any joint full of pain, ache or the gout in the hands, or feet or the hip-joint, called the sciatica, and the decoction thereof drank the while, doth cure them and easeth much pain in the bowels.


The plant has astringent properties so was used as a remedy for diarrhoea which makes sense because of its tannin content.


Like silverweed the roots are also edible and can be boiled having, so it is said a taste similar to chestnuts or parsnips.


To make the decoction, it is directed that 11 ½ OZ. of the root be boiled in a quart of water down to a pint.


This decoction is recommended not only as a remedy for diarrhoea, and of avail to stop bleeding of the lungs or bronchial tubes and bleeding at the nose, but as good eyewash.


A medicinal infusion made from the root is used in alternative medicine as an astringent, antiseptic and tonic, used as a mouthwash for “thrash” and taken for dysentery.


A medicinal tonic is used for fevers and debility. A decoction is odontalgic, used as a gargle for loose teeth, spongy gums and, periodontal disease.


A strong decoction is poured over infections, sores, rashes and as a bath additive it is soothing for reddened or irritated skin.


Nowadays it is put into a bath to help with prophetic dreaming, burned as incense for divination, stuffed into dream pillows, and is a component in modern-day flying ointment.

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