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Chayote Fruit Health Benefits

Chayote (Sechium edule) is typically prepared as a vegetable; it is in fact a fruit. It’s quite crunchy flesh can be eaten both raw and cooked. Chayote is an excellent source of folate, a B vitamin which helps prevent homocystein build-up.


Studies have shown that too much of this amino acid in the blood is linked to a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.


Vitamin C is known as one of the powerful antioxidants, substances that may protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.


Studies suggest that antioxidants may slow or possibly prevent cancer development.


It is a good source of zinc, a mineral which has shown to influence hormones which controls the production of oil in the skin.


Chayote is a popular ingredient in a variety of Mexican, Indian and Latin American dishes.


Related to the cucumber and zucchini, chayote has a mild, somewhat sweet flavour.


Chayote squash might also provide some health benefits in addition to providing beneficial nutrients.


Purdue University says an herbal tea made with chayote squash leaves is used for lowering high blood pressure, dissolving kidney stones and treating atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.


Raw chayote squash boosts your intake of zinc, an essential mineral.


Zinc activates proteins in your body, including enzymes that carry out chemical reactions in your cells, proteins that regulate gene activity and proteins that keep your cell membranes healthy.


Getting enough zinc in your diet also fights disease; while low zinc levels cripple your immune system and leave you open to infection.


These days, everybody wants healthier skin. You can get healthy skin easily just by incorporating chayote in your diet.


Chayote contains Vitamin E, Folic acid or folate, Vitamin C and zinc which help you to get healthy skin.


Zinc controls the skin’s oil production and keeps the skin acne free, Vitamin C delays the aging process, Vitamin E protects and repairs the skin while Folic acid increases firmness of the skin.

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