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Celery Vegetable Health Benefits

Celery belongs to the same family with parsley and fennel, the Umbelliferae family. The ribs of celery are crunchy and are often used to make soup or salad. It has a salty taste, so celery juice is a good mix with the sweeter fruit juices.


Celery is known to contain at least eight families of anti-cancer compounds.


Among them are the acetylenics that have been shown to stop the growth of tumour cells.


Phenolic acids which block the action of prostaglandins that encourage the growth of tumour cells.


And coumarins which help prevent free radicals from damaging cells.


The potassium and sodium in celery juice helps to regulate body fluid and stimulate urine production, making it an important help to rid the body of excess fluid.


Celery is not only a good low calorie food. There are a number of other reasons why you might want to include this vegetable in your diet.


It is very rich in vitamin K and also contains folate, vitamin A and vitamin C.


Celery is naturally resistant to pathogens during storage because it contains a melting pot of fungicides, with more than two dozen already identified.


Celery comes on top of the list for foods that alleviate allergy symptoms. Also on that list are carrots, ginger, peppermint, parsley, turmeric, chamomile and cabbage.


Eating celery every day may reduce artery-clogging cholesterol (called LDL or “bad” cholesterol).


The pthalides in celery also stimulates the secretion of bile juices, which works to reduce cholesterol levels.


Less cholesterol means less plaque on the artery walls and a general improvement in heart health.


It is great for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and gout.  It had anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce swelling and pain around the joints.


Celery sticks also act as a diuretic, which helps to remove uric acid crystals that build up around the body’s joints that can add to the pain and discomfort of frequent joint use.

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