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Carao Fruit Health Benefits

Carao exists in Costa Rica that is known worldwide to be an amazing blood boosting fruit.  It is also actually known by name in parts of the world as Stinking Toe.


All fruits contain phytonutrients, which help in the proper functioning of the body. 


As more research is done on this fruit, I am positive it will yield more reaching benefits than previously known.  


It does contain iron, which in an organic form revitalizes low levels in the body. 


It is an appetite enhancer and also is a haemostatic (stops bleeding).  


Carao fruit has a strong and unusual aroma and sweet flavour, which some people do not like, but which most people can easily tolerate and which many grow to enjoy. 


It is very concentrated.  Most people find it most either palatable pure or mixed with milk or chocolate milk.


Carao fruit is not a drug. In spite of its health-giving properties, carao fruit is not a medicine, but rather a pure, whole, natural food that naturally builds the blood for long-lasting benefits and energy.


It is good for iron deficiency, kidney failure, chemotherapy, Sickle Cell Anaemia and other blood diseases.


Carao also increases stamina, athletic performance, and it’s supposed to be a good aphrodisiac.


Carao is a food and it is supposed to work wonders for those feeling a lack of energy because of anaemia.


Carao is a natural food with no known undesirable side effects.  It often produces a feeling of well-being. 


It is also often reported to improve appetite and promote weight gain in underweight children.


Carao is the fruit of a wild tropical tree which will not grow in the United States, except Hawaii.


The “actual fruit” is a woody pod which cannot be consumed by human beings. Fruits are an essential part of our lives which should be consumed on a daily basis.

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