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Canistel Fruit Health Benefits

Canistel fruit is a glowing yellow, waxy skinned fruit with a flesh that has the consistency of a hard-boiled egg yolk. Native to Southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador, the meat of the fruit is sweet and edible raw. The exterior of a canistel fruit is a polished skin that, upon ripening, varies in yellow colour and orange tones.


Canistel fruit is soft, rather than hard, and it is not mostly juicy. The canistel tree is erect and generally no more than 25 ft (8 m) tall, but it may, in favourable situations, reach height of 90 to 100 ft (27-30 m) and the trunk may attain diameter of 3 ft (1 m).


Slender in habit or with a spreading crown, it has brown, furrowed bark and abundant white, gummy latex.


Young branches are velvety brown. The fruit, extremely variable in form and size, may be nearly round, with or without a pointed apex or curved beak, or may be somewhat oval, ovoid, or spindle-shaped.


It is often bulged on one side and there is a 5-pointed calyx at the base which may be rounded or with a distinct depression.


It is in the Sapotaceae family and is well adapted to south Florida. It will bloom and fruit throughout the year depending on the variety and makes a perfect landscape tree for the home garden.


Canistel is delicious when mixed with milk products, making it perfect for milk shakes, ice creams and natural smoothes.


The fruit can be eaten fresh of course, but you must wait for the fruit to fully ripen to a soft texture and peel away the thin yellow skin.


The canistel is adapted well to life in the Caribbean and can be grown in close proximity to the water.


They are not salt tolerant, however and will die with salt water inundation or persistent salt spray. Young trees are cold-sensitive, and should be protected from frost or freezes.


What is special to this kind of fruit is that, it can be beneficial to the health. It contains several vitamins and minerals, like niacin, iron and fibre which are beneficial to everyone’s health.

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