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Bupleurum Herb Health Benefits

Bupleurum is a plant. A perennial herb that grows mainly in China, but is also cultivated in other areas of the world, the plant grows to approximately 1 m in height and requires abundant sun to flourish. The leaves are long and sickle-shaped with parallel veining.


Terminal clusters of small, yellow flowers appear in autumn. Bupleurum demonstrates antiviral properties.


Bupleurum has been shown to inactivate enveloped viruses including measles and herpes, but had no effect on non-enveloped viruses such as polio.


Bupleurum may be helpful in the inactivation of certain hepatitis viruses. Although containing six powerful characteristics to aid liver health, bupleurum is not a cure-all for chronic liver disease.


Because of a lack of human clinical studies translated from Chinese or Japanese into English, bupleurum is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


As with most traditional Chinese herbs, bupleurum is rarely used alone, but is often combined with ginseng, ginger, and combined with peony to treat menstrual problems, with bitter orange peel for irregularity or loss of appetite, with scutellaria for chills and fever.


This herb is very useful for some circulation issues if caused by internal tension, such as with erection problems, neck tension, “freezing up” under stress, Pre-menstrual tension, and it even sometimes helps with dizziness caused by Meniere’s disease.


It also helps with tension caused by exposure to excess drugs, chemicals and other toxins, or a diet high in poor quality fats.


Clinically, many mood symptoms improved, including temper, irritability, sadness and premenstrual irritability, with significant improvements in anxiety.


There were also improvements in insomnia and the physical symptoms of dizziness, a distending feeling in the head, dryness and discomfort in the eyes and chest, abdominal discomfort, fatigue, sighing, menstrual discomfort, sexual dysfunction, and loose stools or constipation.


This herb should only be taken during pregnancy under close professional supervision. While there is no list of side effects noted for Bupleurum, it potentially may alter hormonal status, which may be detrimental for a pregnancy.

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