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Boxwood Herb Health Benefits

Boxwood is a plant it is an evergreen shrub or small tree that belongs to the family Buxacece. People take chemicals from the leaf to make medicine (boxwood extract). The trunk has yellowish-brown and wrinkled bark.


The twigs or branches are densely leafed and the leaves are dark green, ovate, smooth, thick and leathery.


Boxwood, commonly known as box in England, is one of the oldest ornamental plants.


It is thought to have been used in formal hedges by the ancient Egyptians and then later by the ancient Greeks and Romans.


The Dutch first brought boxwood to America from Amsterdam in 1653 and grew it near what is now Long Island, New York.


The leaves in powdered form are an effective vermifuge. Boxwood has cosmetic uses as well.


Various perfumes were made from the leaves and bark, and a decoction was recommended to promote hair growth.


An auburn hair dye was created by boiling the leaves and sawdust in lye.


On the farm the dried and powdered leaves were used to improve the coats of horses, and some English farmers still use the old-fashioned remedy of using powdered leaves to treat intestinal worms in horses.


The whole leaf is known to cause vomiting, convulsions, seizures, paralysis and death, because it works like a poison.


Consumption of the leaves can result in nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea and the exuded tree sap cause dermatitis, or skin irritation and as such must be taken in moderation or consult a health care provider before use.


A tincture from the herb was formerly used as a bitter tonic and anti-periodic and had the reputation of curing leprosy.


The leaves of boxwood contain essential oil, tannins and the alkaloids, buxine (chiefly responsible for the bitter taste), parabuxine and parabuxonidine.


An essential oil which is extracted from the wood has been used as an herbal remedy in cases of epilepsy. The oil has also been employed for toothache and piles.

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