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Borage Health Benefits (herb)

Borage is from the Boraginaaceae family and has the proper name of Borago officinalis. Borage is also known as the Bee plant and Bee Bread because the blue purplish star shaped flower attracts bees all summer long.

Throughout history Borage has been used to treat a multitude of ailments and to improve overall health.


The Romans would mix Borage tea and wine prior to combat, most likely to fortify themselves for the battle.


Borage is annual hollow stemmed plant with bristly hairs and reaches about 75-90 cm in height. The herb is known also as starflower, since it bears five-petal, deep-blue, star-shaped beautiful flowers in clusters.


Vitamin A is known to have antioxidant properties and is essential for vision. It is also required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin.


Consumption of natural foods rich in vitamin A and carotenes are known to help the human body protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.


Borage is one of very popular culinary herb, especially in Mediterranean countries. The herb contains many notable phyto-nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for optimum health and wellness.


Borage is applied to the skin for infantile seborrhoea dermatitis and is also used in a dressing to soften the skin. Borage is also packed with other healthy nutrients that are great for the body.


Borage is a good herbal supplement for women because it contains high levels of calcium and iron, nutrients many women are deficient in. Potassium, Zinc, B and C Vitamins, and beta carotene are packed into the Borage plant making it very nutritional.


Borage can be found in a caplet form, or as a liquid extract of the plant. Borage oil is distilled from the seeds of the plant and used topically or taken internally.


It is not recommended to be taken long term internally due to the concentration of alkaloids in Borage that can damage the liver.


Borage is known to contain choline that stimulates the glands that produce sweat and cools the body. Because of this cooling property of borage, it is used to treat fever, bronchitis, colds and flu.

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