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Blood Orange Health Benefits

Blood orange is similar to the regular orange, the difference is in the pulp because it is red in colour. The distinctive red pigment is believed to have health benefits which include combating obesity and heart disease.


Blood oranges’ red pigmentation contains anthocyanins, which are basic natural compounds that give colour to fruits, plants and vegetables.


Nutrition experts believe that anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties that affect the collagen, and are also good for preventing cancer, diabetes and bacterial infections, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease. 


Studies show that they also help against illnesses that come with age.  Another one of the health benefits of blood oranges is that they help to defend blood vessels from oxidative damage.


In addition, they help prevent LDL cholesterol accumulation. In general, the anthocyanin in blood oranges will help the body heal itself. Calcium helps with bones and teeth. It gives bones strength.


Since most of our bodies stand in place due to our bones, calcium is an absolutely vital mineral. Blood Oranges contain some calcium and are thus a good source of this mineral.


Like all citrus fruits, blood oranges are high in vitamin C. One medium blood orange will provide you with over 100 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.


Vitamin C is another important antioxidant that is a key nutrient for helping to heal and repair damaged tissues throughout the body.


Blood oranges are also a good source of folate, also known as vitamin B9. Folate is essential to the early development of a foetus, so women who wish to become pregnant are strongly encouraged to keep track of their folate levels.


Blood oranges taste a lot like ordinary oranges only they’re slightly more bitter but less acidic. It is healthy to drink blood orange juice regularly; one can even consider replacing sweetened orange juice with unsweetened blood orange juice.


It is rich in super strength antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for causing cancer.


Antioxidants are also good for the skin, hair, eyes and also for nails. Blood oranges contain significant quantity of potassium and calcium it is also good for those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis also bolsters the immune system.

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