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Black Pepper Oil Health Benefits

Black pepper oil is extracted from the plant Piper nigrum of the Piperaceae family. It is strong and sharp spicy smelling oil and is faintly reminiscent of clove oil, yet more refined. It can range in colour from light amber to yellow-green and has a watery viscosity.


The therapeutic properties of black pepper oil include analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, aphrodisiac, diaphoretic, digestive, diuretic, febrifuge, laxative, rubefacient and tonic.


Black pepper aids in digestion and also helps in relieving cough and common cold. Millions of people who consume black pepper everyday might not be aware of the fact that it is classified as a medicinal spice and is very rich in mineral content.


Also, it has an anti-biotic property. Black pepper has natural antibiotic characteristics owing to its Vitamin C content.  They curb harmful free radical reactions.


Dilute in 2 tbsps of oil. Massage in a clockwise direction over the stomach, then over the hips and lower back, and down the spine to just above the anus.  


Do this 3 times a day to relieve constipation. Black Pepper Oil is carminative and helps remove gases and prohibit additional gas formation in the stomach and in the intestines.


It also helps inhibit bacteria that are responsible for the formation of gas. Black pepper oil, when ingested, increases sweating and urination.


Both of these properties play an important role in the removal of toxins from the body, clearing of the pores on the skin, and disinfecting the body.


Sweating and urinating help eliminate extra water and fat from the body, thereby reducing weight, lowering blood pressure and making the body very relaxed.


The FDA has approved Black Pepper for use for human consumption. Use 1 drop per 4 ounces of liquid. Not to be used for children under 6. Children over 6, dilute more than you would for an adult. As with all essential oils, this should be done with caution.

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