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Birthwort Herb Health Benefits

Birthwort as the name suggest was originally used for childbirth. It would be taken before childbirth to encourage a quick delivery or to stimulate childbirth in late-term pregnancies.


It also was taken after birth to encourage menstruation to sanitize the birth canal and prevent infection.


The fresh juice of the birthwort plant contains volatile oils and tannins. The roots and other part of the plant are sometimes used.


It is thought to be anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, analgesic, and diaphoretic.


Birthwort also contains chemical properties that may be linked to mutation of human body cells, including cancer. Birthwort may also be very toxic to the kidneys.


It is used in a wide variety of ways in nearly all European countries. It was also considered a strong fever remedy.


In the Sudan, it is used for scorpion stings. In Iran, the European variety is used as a tonic and to induce menstruation.


In India, it is used as a contraceptive. The flowers grow in the leaf axils. They are inflated and globose at the base, continuing as a long perianth tube, ending in a tongue-shaped, brightly colored lobe.


There is no corolla. The calyx is one to three whorled, and three to six toothed. The sepals are united (gamosepalous).


There are six to 40 stamens in one whorl. They are united with the style, forming a gynostemium. The ovary is inferior and is four to six locular.


In Mexico, it has long been recommended for snake bite; and, interestingly, half a world away in Taiwan, a 1974 study of another species also effectively inactivated snake venom.


It is used to stimulate the immune system, as well as in the treatment of allergically caused gastrointestinal and gallbladder colic.


Birthwort contains a substance that acts similar to poisonous alkaloid colchicine. Use with care, preferably with medical supervision.


Do not take during pregnancy, only during labour at childbirth. Use only under medical supervision.

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