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Banana Health Benefits

Banana is an edible fruit produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. The term “banana” is also used as the common name for the plants which produce the fruit.


The banana plant grows 10 to 26 feet and belongs to the Musaceae family of plants along with plantains. Bananas are one of our best sources of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.


There are a number of varieties, including red bananas (which have a yellow-pink skin and flesh) and the small sugar bananas, which are around 3 inches long.


Banana is known for its many health benefits, it contains many essential vitamins and minerals as we all know, it protects the body from many health conditions and it also improves the body in many other ways, for example, before an exam a banana can be consumed before to improve memory.


Bananas reduce swelling, protect against type II diabetes, studies have shown that type 1 diabetics who consume high-fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels and type 2 diabetics may have improved blood sugar, lipids and insulin levels. One medium banana provides about 3 grams of fiber.


It is also beneficial for weight loss, strengthen theĀ nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells, all due to high levels of vitamin B-6.


Eat two bananas before a strenuous workout to pack an energy punch and sustain your blood sugar.


Bananas are high in antioxidants, providing free radicals and protection from chronic disease. Eating a banana can lower the body temperature and cool you during a fever or on a hot day.


Bananas have an antacid effect and are said to protect against stomach ulcers.


They contain a compound called as protease inhibitor which protects the stomach from unfriendly bacteria which cause stomach or gastrointestinal disturbances.


Bananas are rich in the soluble fibre pectin. Thereby it assists healthy digestion and eases out constipation.

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