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Araza Fruit Health Benefits

Araza is a fruit tree, originating in western part of Amazonia. Although the fruit is very acidic for direct consumption, it can be processed into juices, nectars, marmalades, ice-creams etc. with an exotic, refreshing taste. Araza is an extremely rare New World fruit that is not widely known even in Amazonia Brazil where it is native.


The small multi-stemmed trees produce numerous round fruit that look like tennis balls hanging from its outstretched weeping branches.


The fruit is sour but versatile due to its pleasant flavour, texture, colour, and smell. They are commonly used to make tropical drinks and cocktails, popsicles, and ice cream.


Araza makes really good drinks mixed with water and a basic fruit like pears. In Brazil one of the most common drinks is the Araza succo which is water based.


Alcoholic beverages like smoothie’s water based.Given the right conditions the tree can bear fruit within a year and a half or two years of growth.


Once a tree begins bearing it can be depended up on to flower and fruit fairly consistently. Fruits are not only delicious but healthful too.


Rich in vitamins A and C, plus folate and other essential nutrients, they may help prevent heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent some types of cancer and guard against vision loss.


Fruit helps maintain optimum health due to the health promoting phytochemicals it contains many of which are still being identified.


Folate (folic acid) helps the body form red blood cells. Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant and those in the first trimester of pregnancy need adequate folate.


Folate helps prevent neural tube birth defects, such as spina bifida. Fruits are loaded with fiber, water and have significant chewing resistance.


Fiber, especially soluble fiber, has many benefits. This includes reduced cholesterol levels, slowed absorption of carbohydrates and increased satiety. Plus there are many studies showing that soluble fiber can contribute to weight loss.

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