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Amyris Oil Health Benefits

Amyris, a small evergreen tree native to Haiti but now grows in parts of Asia, as well as the Caribbean and Central America. Amyris essential oil is from steam distilled wild crafted wood of Amyris balsamifera.


Amyris oil is commonly found in soaps, often as a replacement for the endangered and more expensive Sandalwood.


Amyris oil is known to have antiseptic and sedative properties. It is a strong anti-inflammatory.


The woody, balsamic aroma has been found to relax and calm the nerves, and to help relieve both sexual tension and general stress or irritability.


In perfumery Amyris is considered an aphrodisiac aroma. Because of the calming aroma in Amyris essential oil it is also a good selection for meditation and making incense.


For relaxation a few drops of Amyris in the oil burner or diffuser is soothing to the mind, especially after a difficult day that has left you stressed and in need of relieving anxiety.


This oil has been used to clean wounds, and treat influenza, diarrhoea.


It is said to be very effective at alleviating cystitis and vaginal infections.


When used in a vaporiser, it helps ease anxiety and tension, insomnia, and acts as an aphrodisiac, relieving impotence and frigidity.


It is used to treat coughs and colds, and bronchitis. Its calming properties are said to help during meditation.


It is also a muscle relaxant and emollient. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and potent.


Most essential oils should be diluted before use, and most are not intended for internal use.


If you are pregnant, consult a qualified aromatherapist for suitability and safety of specific oils.


Many oils should not be used during pregnancy, some only need to be avoided for the first 3 – 4 months, others may be helpful during labour, but may pose a risk during the months before.

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