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Amargo Herb Health Benefits

Amargo is a deciduous tree that can reach 100 feet, but usually it is a smaller size of about twenty feet. It is indigenous to Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Suriname, Colombia, Argentina, and Guyana.


This shrubby tree produces smooth, gray bark, compound leaves, small red flowers, and pea-sized black fruits.


The wood and leaves are extremely bitter, in fact the name amargo means “bitter” in Spanish.


The tree’s resin contains quassin, a bitter-tasting substance (it is, in fact, the bitterest substance found in nature).


In Costa Rica and Brazil, it is used for diarrhoea, dysentery, and intestinal gas.


It is said that the indigenous carry around wood shavings of the bark to be used in decoctions whenever needed.


In Mexico and Brazil, amargo is made into a decoction to be used for dyspepsia, as well as loss of appetite. Mexicans also use the bark to treat intestinal parasites.


Throughout South America, amargo is a tribal remedy for debility, digestion problems, fever, liver problems, parasites, malaria, snakebite, and back spasms.


In the rainforests of Suriname, carved cups made out of amargo wood can be found in local markets.


They are called “bitter cups” and they used medicinally in indigenous Saramaka traditional medicine systems.


In Peru, amargo is employed as a bitter digestive aid to stimulate gastric and other digestive secretions as well as for fevers, tuberculosis, kidney stones and gallstones.


In Mexico, the wood is used for liver and gallbladder diseases and for intestinal parasites.


In Nicaragua, amargo is used to expel worms and intestinal parasites as well as for malaria and anaemia.


Amargo is also known for its anti-parasitic property. There were various studies, which claimed that Amargo is also effective in eradicating head lice.


The herb extract was used in the study and the findings significantly indicated that the herb can kill the nits and even asphyxiate and cause death to the adult head lice.

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